Q2 2016
Web & UX Design

Mago Designer & illustrator

Special Kudos at CSS Design Awards + Awards for Best UX, Best UI, and Innovation.

Video by Kapothard

One of a kind

Mago started his career at a young age. I can still remember how we were both competing with each other in the graphics scene. It did not take a long time until we realized that we were both from Cologne and had a love for creative work. From that day a great friendship started, and we both went onto our succesful paths within the industry.

Mago has always been a detail fanatic in his works. Throughout the years he has developed his own and unique style working with some of the most renowned brands such as Google, Adidas, Nike, LVMH and many more.

At his young age, he was already showing the big players that he has more than it takes to stand up and even surpass them. Nowadays he set his foot on the fashion scene, very successfully.

In conclusion, Mago has become a very distinctive personality. You see a new shot and you immediately recognize his style, his attitude, and character.

These attributes represent him and so must his website.

Always on the go

Mago is always on the go, thus the website that represents him must not be static either.

The opportunity of having great video footage of him led to the a design decision: Use it. The footage he had was a great way to enhance the user experience and give a feeling of movement.

In the original concept more glitching (page transitions, scroll...) was planned but it led to many problems especially in performance.

Thus in the development process compromises were done to enhance the experience and raise compatibility with older devices.

But we decided to keep the glitching on the videos as they were a good way to loop the footage

Multiple iPhones floating around with screenshots of the mobile page mago.design
Single Page Design

Fashion magazine vibes on the web

Mago has been featured numerous times on high fashion blogs as well as in traditional printed formats.

The idea behind the single pages was to create a cover and magazine-like feeling.

So the structure and layout were specially laid out very untraditionally resulting in a unique article page.

Heard of him before?

Recognized globally

Mago is more than a random designer. Sporting over 60k followers on his Instagram page and having worked with top-notch brands, being featured several times on blogs like Hypebeast he has been recognized over and over again for his brilliant work.

And I love being able to support him and it's always good to see him trust back into my abilities. It's a lot of fun working together with a creative of his level. The opportuntiy of thinking out of the box for websites that represent personalities like Mago is always a fun work I enjoy doing.

Make sure to follow him @iammago it's worth it.

Personal engagement in this project


  • We ate. Good Food.


  • User-Flow
  • Responsiveness
  • Interaction


  • Visual Concept
  • Transitions
  • Effects


  • One man show
  • Visual Design
  • Development
  • Interaction & Animation
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