Simply said,
I design & code.

And... I like good food

Based in the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany I currently tinder tinker around with my Bachelor exploring human centered machine learning and human centric lighting. (Yeah just slap a human centric or centered to anything these days...)

I am either smiling or looking super serious. If it's the later one, I am probably thinking about food.

But Kadir, why should we work with you? Simple answer. The experience of designing products of any scale. Real Products. Real use-cases. Real challenges. Not your dribbble eye-candy designer.

So, what makes you different? I love to be involved in all stages of the work, especially in the strategic part.

Random fact about me: Mostly wearing black
Well, I wear colorful stuff now too.

Random fact #2: Don't worry if I sound sleepy on the phone. You did not wake me up.

Hit me up! Always keen to explore new cultures, people, experiences and challenges.


  • Awwwards
    Site of the Day and Developer SOTD for UIX
  • Cristal Festival 2017 Digital
    Best interface and navigation for UMG
  • CSS Design Awards
    Breakthrough designer of the year 2017
  • CSS Design Awards
    Website of the Day, UI, UX and Innovation Awards for UIX
  • CSS Design Awards
    Special Kudos, UI, UX and Innovation Awards for MAGO
  • Creative Applications
    Feature of 200 °C – Autonomous feedback system, Leidenfrost effect
  • Behance Student Show
    Feature of 200 °C – Autonomous feedback system, Leidenfrost effect

Judge January 2017 - December 2018

  • CSS Design Awards

Enjoyed working with

  • Universal Music Group
  • Questback
  • Zum Goldenen Hirschen
  • OBI
  • Nutriful
  • WunderCompany
  • Magomed Dovjenko
  • Ship Sheip
  • Aviatoo
  • CSS Design Awards
  • Ikkyotech, Categorific
  • Share A Camper
  • Dunckelfeld
  • uDiscover Music
  • Mobile-Box
  • Klarheit
  • German Garment
  • World Hosting Days
  • and many more...