Who Am I Shop

The Brand

Who Am I is a brand founded by a few young students from the Netherlands one of them being a good friend of mine , Eidin. Their brand mixes geometry and modern elements with history and add an artsy touch. They really got a nice hand for the motives they do and I would instantly get a few shirts. This project was done in Q3 2013.

My Role

I actually had no time to do this project at all. But after seeing what another designer had done for them , I just had to do him this favor. The site was wiped up from scratch in 48 hours as I had a clear vision of where it was going.

Design Phase

It was quite clear for me to go for a very simple layout as the geometry in the motives does a lot already. I decided to go for hexagon shapes to strengthen the aspect of geometry.
Background patterns were done in Illustrator (beside the one used for the quotes that is from subtle patterns).

Who Am I Shop - The Landing Page

Who Am I Shop – The Landing Page

Photography meets Design

As I am enjoying photography I also try to implement it into my own work if I can. The last section for instance uses a nice fabric from a shirt as a background which was shot by me. This keeps it unique and I can just get the image that I wanted to have.