Magomed Dovjenko

Magomed Dovjenko

Magomed Dovjenko is a freelance illustrator , art directer and fashion-designer from Germany. He started his career at a very young age and has succeeded due to his unique style while still keeping a great variety in his toolset. Magomed has worked for several big companies such as Nike, Adidas or Warner Bros.. He continues to keep his passion and excellence in the design industry being one of the leading designer while challenging himself and improving his skill set from day to day. This project was done in Q1 2014.

My Role

Magomed is a good friend of mine and he asked me to do his online presence as well as his online-shop. It was a great way to combine our skill sets and work out wonderful ways to present his work and commercial goods on the web. I was responsible for both sites. Keeping them in a minimal and timeless style, displaying the content in it’s full beauty was the challenge to take. We both agreed on a style and kept working it out.

The Shop

The shop had the first turn. Using WordPress as a core and WooCommerce to realize the e-commerce part of the shop was our decision. WooCommerce is easy to manage and holds up tight with a lot of the big names in the e-commerce solutions. Due to my great experiences and knowledge of WordPress I was able to work into WooCommerce in a breeze of time. The design is straightforward kept in Black & White to focus on the content. Nothing too complicated but simple lines and a well build up structure are defined to separate the different elements in the design. The integration of Facebook as well as a Twitter feed was mandatory as Mago is someone who likes to share and keep his fans up to date with his work and clothing.


The Portfolio

Simple. That’s it. Displaying the work in a way with no distractions was the key in this project. The visitor shall focus on the work and be able to quickly navigate. Hence the usage of infinite scroll loading the images with a slight fade-in to add some spice to the whole site, without distracting the visitor with fancy effects and keeping the code size at a minimum. mago-portfolio-design Simple effects such as sticking the navigation at the top are a must-have with infinite scroll sites. We also kept it very slim so it won’t take away from the experience. Additionally the transparency gives more room revealing the content behind the navigation.

Mobile Support

Of course the portfolio should be easily accessed by mobile devices, hence it is fully responsive without loosing any features the desktop version would have to offer.

Responsive Version of Magomeds Portfolio

Responsive Version of Magomeds Portfolio

As well as the shop the site has been kept in Black & White this ensures that the content has full