Application for KISD

This year I have been applying for the Köln International School of Design (KISD).

This project was done in Q1 2014.

The application process consists of several phases. One of them being a project with a certain keyword.

After the keyword was set free for this year (2014/15), Balance, I did some brainstorming, writing down ideas and separating ideas of Art from Design to get a concept.

The total work, from concept to print took about one and a half week, a lot of coffee and a lot of patience for 3D renders to finish.

The whole project was then printed on 20 sheets of high glossy paper (260gsm) and binded with a hardcover shell.

I am very happy with the result.

You can see it below in a resized version.

The original project was in German. For my portfolio I have translated it.

EQUI Enter Screen
EQUI Enter Screen
The whole presentation of EQUI a smartwatch concept.
The whole presentation of EQUI a smartwatch concept.

Stock images

Stock images as seen in the backgrounds are all provided by unsplash