Aluminium Dock

An introduction into the metal workshop at KISD

At KISD we have several ways to create real world objects. Just to list some options: 3D printing, wood work or as seen here metal work. This project was done in Q4 2014.

Approaching the idea

If you have never done metal work before, three days sounds like a short span to learn the tools and craft something out of a sheet of metal.
The idea of building the docking station came from the need of having one. As a Samsung user it is not quite common to find the perfect accessoires.
So why shouldn’t you be building it yourself if you have the opportunity to.

Starting with sketches

As we had to present a rough idea of what we were going to build we had to create some sketches first. I have digitized my sketches and made technical drawing out of them.

Technical Drawing of the Metal Dock
Technical Drawing of the Metal Dock

Starting to Build

Before starting with aluminium I  tried to build the dock with a cheap sheet of metal. This helped getting used to the tools and workbenches especially the bender.

Choosing a material was the first step after having a model. I choose aluminium because it is easy to work with and a lightweight material.

Building it up again from Aluminium made things a little different. The precision and urge to craft something perfect was the most time consuming part. File a little bit here a little bit there and find out you have done one swipe to much.


And here is the final result

Below you can see the aluminium dock I have crafted at KISD. My first project at the university.