The evolution – Roots and Now

One name , one person and one story

I am Kadir and I am a designer from Germany. I have been designing for nearly a decade now. I always loved to create functional and working pieces.

In my childhood I loved to play chess and was one of the top 3 players in my county. I guess chess put me into a position in my very early age to think strategically and also think ahead of my opponent. Not only one step but ten steps. So talking about user experience, you most likely have to do the same, be ahead of your audience and prepare for anything they might do.

How it all started out

I started helping friends with their portfolios and websites. In this period I taught myself to use the tools needed and learn to code. I never really touched a book or read guides on coding but studied what other experienced designers had done and why they had done it like that. This helped me to understand the coding mechanism in a totally different way. It may have taken longer but I think that this is the best way to learn something. Just try and error. Once you find that mistake that took you three hours to fix you won’t ever do it again, I promise that.

The birth of internal-essence

Building up websites for my surrounding was done at a point. As a logical step forward I decided doing a website for myself.

This site needed a name and a domain. A lot of brainstorming went around and I ended up at internal-essence. Initially I wanted to purchase which was actually not occupied a week ago of purchase. I just liked the name with my 15ish-year old mind and wanted to keep it. Alternating the domain name was my only choice and I ended up with I guess we all can agree that getting a .com domain is either impossible or costly.

Old Internal-Essence Logo
Old Internal-Essence Logo

Why the change then ?

First of all , I do not feel that internal-essence has any meaning that could instantly be related to design or myself. On another note it is also not a fictional name but has a meaning. I guess a lot of people could mistake internal-essence for some kind of yoga studio or similar. Additionally telling friends or clients about this domain name was just a bad experience. Every time I was telling someone the domain it went like this. , in hypen ess with an e double s dot net

Now compare this to uix dot me. Exactly nothing there to explain it’s just so smooth, short, easy to remember and to communicate. – u i what ?

UIX will be familiar to a lot of people in the design world as a term for a certain specialization. UI & UX Design. User Interface & Experience is what it stands for.

Uix Logo with Spot Uv Coating

Uix Logo with Spot Uv Coating

What does User Interface and Experience design mean ?

I guess the interface part is self-explanatory. Crafting beautiful interfaces for use whether in mobile or web applications is the focus here.

The experience part is a little bit trickier as it is focusing on problem solutions and step reductions while maintaining intuitiveness and function. The main purpose here is to create a smooth and fluid experience for the user.

Both of those disciplines rely on a lot of knowledge and research and might change over time as new technology developes and the way of user interaction changes. A few years ago noone would have designed mobile interfaces as there was no utilization. Nowadays in our mobile driven world , mobile interfaces are the start and desktop applications the end of a design phase.

Example of User Experience Design

Here is a great example of User Interface & Experience design that was worked out by me in the Gigly Desktop interface. We are hiding the Band or Location information behind the small info symbol used to flip over the box and reveal information. As gigly is also including smaller artists or bands with no biography this helps to avoid design inconsistency.

Animated Example of UX Design with Gigly
Animated Example of UX Design with Gigly

The future

I am very happy with my new branding , including the name and the logo and the awesome 3 letter domain.¬†As a step forward I take on exclusive projects and learn working with highly professional teams all around the world. We are developing fantastic ideas & designs. Sadly those projects will only be available for public in the future as NDA’s are holding me back to post design steps. But timeless design never runs out of style. So even in a future post it will still stay up to date.

I am very open minded about new projects and like to work with startups to reach out to the world. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]


I always liked to write down my experience and share what I know. Mostly this happened on the private forum over at with a lot of talented people. Sharing some of that knowledge to the public is something I like to do. I really like the idea of sharing knowledge and ressources for free, hence I am giving away mockups and my knowledge in the future for free.