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Kadir Inan

I am Kadir , a freelance designer and front-end developer from Germany.

I started designing back in 2006. Through the years I have developed an interdisciplinary skill set. In the last few years I have specialized on User Interface & Experience design.

As I have been developing websites for a long time now, I have gained a strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery and light experience on PHP and JS.

Additionally I have been studying business information systems at the Cologne University for four semesters where I have learned a lot on managing information systems, project management and aspects of economy.
Nevertheless my soul could not go without designing. Thus I switched over to Integrated Design at KISD.

I focus on aesthetic design with a strong influence on user experience design. I like to create beautiful and working pieces while keeping intuitiveness and step reductions as my main focus.

Apart from designing I also love to do photography , which I later then can connect with my designs such as seen in the Who Am I Shop design.
Also check out the Photography Archive.